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Below we’ve provided a selection of statements from our patients speaking about their positive experience with us.  

If we’ve been fortunate enough to serve you, why not share your own experiences? You can leave your testimonial below.

"It was painfree, easy, and the staff is wonderful"

"Your lecture will remain a part of our students' future endeavors"

"I am my new look"

I am getting crazy compliments, Dr. Spalla. I am living my best life. I am my new look. I am so happy, doc. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Dorothy O.


Dr. Thomas Spalla preformed surgery on me. He was the best. He had an excellent patient bedside manner and fully explained all possible ramifications prior to the surgery. He is a skilled surgeon and surgery went very well. The surgery follow up performed by the team was superb. I recommend if anyone considering this type of surgery to put their reservations aside and trust the skill and knowledge of Dr. Thomas Spalla.

– Yvonne L. S.

"Greatly Respected"

Great doctor. He is greatly respected and missed by colleagues in Michigan. Glad to see him doing well.

– Anonymous

"Definitely Recommend"

He was amazing with me even though I was so stressed and nervous to get it done. Had my surgery yesterday and I feel great today! Definitely recommend him to anyone! Thank you Dr. Spalla for putting up with me hahaha!

– Nicole T.

"Amazing Surgeon"

Dr. Spalla is truly an amazing surgeon even for the follow up appointments he explained everything in full detail he makes you feel very comfortable this was my first surgery and I was nervous until he started talking then I felt very comfortable he’s an amazing DR and I highly recommend him

– Raymond H.

"Wants the Best for his Paitents"

Dr. Spalla is a phenomenal physician! It is abundantly evident through his care and practice that he only wants the best for his patients.

– Lara K.

"Done Absolutely Meticulously"

I have had 5 nose surgeries and this one was done absolutely meticulously and I couldn’t be happier

– TJ A.

"Very Knowledgeable and caring"

I can finally live normally through my recovery! Very caring, after meeting with Dr. Spalla I was in the emergency room the next day for surgery and I have not been in the hospital since. I was in the hospital every single week before meeting him. Thank you so much!!! I recommend him, he is very knowledgeable and caring. To hear a doctor say ” I cannot let you keep breathing like this we have two options” shows a lot about his character. Once again, thank you!

– Dee D.

"Friendly and Efficient"

Dr. Spalla is a great doctor, his efficiency and commitment to his patients was spectacular. He and his staff were very friendly and efficient. Thank you very much for all your attention.

– Bruny A.


GREAT GREAT GREAT DOCTOR!!!! He did the work and removed the tumor on my fiance that nobody else would. He was very friendly and knowledgeable when explaining it all to us both before and after the surgery. He got it done with making less cuts than anyone thought also. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND seeing Dr. Spalla!

– Steven S.

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